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Intended Outcome Attributes and Habits of a HCEMC Graduate

Through the HCEMC credentialing process, students work toward development of the following attributes and habits to prepare them for college, career, and life.

Flexible, curious, see obstacles as opportunities, emotionally intelligent, true team player

Access prior knowledge, transfer knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned

Control impulses, humble, take ownership of one’s actions and do not place blame on others, eliminate being a victim, do not procrastinate

Transparent, say what you are going to do and follow through, allow for a little give and take, listen to understand, humble, connect and/or create the dots

Curious, objective, willing to challenge the status quo, able to determine relevance, open-mindedness

Listener, relate well to others, simplify the complex, know when to speak, ask questions, focus on interactions, recognize non-verbal cues by engaging in eye contact

Sets high-standards and strives for accuracy, results driven, action oriented, self-disciplined

Identify critical factors which will affect the outcome, evaluate options, navigate risk and uncertainty, able to analyze, evaluate and interpret important information

‘Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood’ (Covey), fully present, do not listen simply to respond, do not jump at giving advice, do not interrupt, ask follow-up questions

All-consuming goal/vision, inner confidence, possess highly developed habits, able to adjust/adapt to achieve goal/vision, committed to lifelong learning

Active listener, analyzer, researcher, clear and concise communicator, team builder, decision maker, see problems as opportunities, consider every position, recognize, and manage conflict to solve problems

Cares, involved, informed, educated, belong without assimilating, give back

Self-awareness, realistic, calm under stress, empathetic, optimistic

Ask open-ended questions, avoid judgmental questions, question with compassion

Positive, can-do attitude, grateful for what you have while seeking ways to continuously improve, accept life circumstances and seek ways to overcome obstacles, embrace delayed gratification, passion to give back to others

Possess self-confidence, strong communication skills, open to feedback, level reaction to situations, look presentable, maintain appropriate eye contact, smile, approachable, show interest in others